Election 2016: Bend City Councilor candidates

This election season there are seven candidates running for seats on the Bend City Council. It’s not always an easy choice on who to support, so I thought it would be interesting to go through the official Voter’s Pamphlet, and for each candidate try to distill down their essential actionable positions as they have specified in the Pamphlet. I am quoting the text as it appears. Since that is all information provided by the candidates themselves, it’s fair to say that this is how we should expect them to conduct business as a City Councilor.

Let me just start right off by saying no, I am not endorsing any particular candidates or positions here. But I hope this provides a starting point for your voting decisions, particularly if you’re still undecided.

City Council Election 2016: Ron BoozellPosition 1: Ron (Rondo) Boozell

Occupation: Community Volunteer

We must redefine tourism goals, refocus tourism funds, and reinstate Councilor oversite [sic] on the VisitBend board.

Affording housing is important but is only a band-aid.

We must stop the advertising campaign that promotes, and at the same time, destroys the livability of Bend.

City Council Election 2016: Justin LivingstonPosition 1: Justin Livingston

Occupation: Broker, Berkshire Hathaway; Partner, Genesis Construction Group

Justin serves on the City of Bend’s Affordable Housing Committee, where he… has directed funding to reduce the homeless problem in Bend.

Justin pushed to allocate more existing city funds to fix streets, which resulted in a significant increase in funding for street repairs, without raising taxes or fees. As a City Councilor, Justin will continue to fight for efficient budgeting over shifting more costs to taxpayers.


City Council Election 2016: Doug KnightPosition 2: Doug Knight

Occupation: Building Designer & Engineer

As much as possible we should shift street maintenance away from the shoulders of local property tax payers and onto those tourists… who visit Bend and use our roads.

As a community connected to outdoor recreation, it is important that we embrace environmental sustainability.

Every decision I make for the next four years will consider [affordability] a priority.

City Council Election 2016: Bill MoseleyPosition 2: Bill Moseley

Occupation: CEO, GL Solutions

Bill will bring us together to solve our biggest challenges.

Bill will bring focused leadership to the City Council.

Count on Bill’s leadership to provide streets, jobs and housing while involving as many people as possible in the process.


City Council Election 2016: Wade FagenPosition 3: Wade Patrick Fagen

Occupation: Owner/President of FCO Inc. / dba Fagen Trees and Chips

I promise I can fix our stagnant city government. It’s time to return business sense and smart budgeting to the City Council — exactly how I operate my own companies!

I’ve been balancing the needs of the environment and the needs of industry for my entire life, and I will provide that same sense of balance to the City Council.


City Council Election 2016: Sally RussellPosition 3: Sally Russell

Occupation: Self-employed

My top priorities are:

  • Keep our City a great place to work, play, learn and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Find a permanent solution to fund and maintain roads.
  • Address Bend’s affordable housing problem, especially for those who want to live in the community where they work.
  • Prioritize City projects to keep rates and taxes as low as possible.
  • Solve transportation and parking issues.
  • Create a balance between tourists and residents.
  • Ensure that infrastructure needs are being met.

City Council Election 2016: Bruce AbernethyPosition 4: Bruce Abernethy

Note: Abernethy is running unopposed.

Occupation: Grantwriter — Bend-La Pine School District

I have experience of both serving on the City Council and helping the community navigate during times of rapid growth. My approach has always been to listen and to learn, and to recognize there are tradeoffs in virtually every policy decision. I am running to represent the middle ground here in Bend that is not adequately being represented by the voices of the far right and the far left.


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  1. As a former (5+years) employee of Bill Moseley’s, I cannot support his candidacy for city council. He does not consider viewpoints other than his own when making decisions and the turnover in his company is crazy high (it averages to someone leaving or getting fired every two months).

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