Keeping track of Bend City Council meetings

Did you know the Bend City Council meets every first and third Wednesday of the month, and that meetings are open to the public? I’ve never attended a Council meeting but I get a copy of the minutes from each meeting (I’m on the City’s press list), so I thought it would be a good resource to start posting those minutes here on the blog for anyone who’s interested in how our City government is working.

Here are the minutes for 2017 so far (MS Word documents):

Of course the City’s Council Meetings page also contains not only the archived agendas and minutes for the meetings, but also the archived videos from each broadcast.

4 thoughts on “Keeping track of Bend City Council meetings

  1. I went for the first time last night! It is astonishing how much we take for granted – there are people there making the decisions that affect every aspect of our daily lives. We should all be more involved in the process!

  2. Thanks! Lately, the Bulletin has not been doing a good job of reporting what’s going on there, so it’s very handy to have those notes. The videos are a real slog to watch if you’re only interested in one issue, even if you skip around some.

    1. I don’t bother with the videos and find it’s faster to read the minutes, particularly for the results of Council member voting on issues.

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