The M & J Tavern turns 70 today

Also on the list of celebrations for this Saturday, April 15, is the M & J Tavern, celebrating their 70th anniversary! The Source Weekly had a great write-up this week about the M & J, delving into a bit of its history (opened in 1947) and highlighting it as the best-kept secret in Bend.

CJ Hitchcock, the current bar manager, told me the philosophy at the M&J is “If it isn’t broke, we don’t fix it.” They have a vintage phone booth, which regulars liked to use until it got too backed up with coins. They called the phone company to fix it but instead of fixing the phone, the company took it, saying it was a relic of another time. Today the phone booth sits in the corner as a reminder of the past, also serving as a water station. You can also find a vintage cigarette machine, one of the few left—if not the only one—in Central Oregon.

One thing is for sure: the tavern is a comfortable, welcoming space. Everyone who comes in is greeted warmly, most by their first name. CJ said, “We try to offer a little bit of everything for everybody.” A few things you might not know about the M&J Tavern: it hosts a great open mic night where many local bands got their start. It has over 220 bottles of tequila, the largest selection in Central Oregon. It doesn’t have a blender, so margaritas are on the rocks. You can order the kind of bar food that sticks to your ribs, or have a pizza from Old Towne delivered to the bar.

The event page is here (Facebook), with the details:

Come celebrate the Ol’ Fashioned Way!

~BBQ {burgers and dogs}, Games, Music in the Parking Lot {3pm-8pm}
~Free Pool and Peanuts All Day
~In house appetizers until they are gone!!!!!!
~Liquor and Beer schwag through out the day
~Bourbon and Tequila tasting inside {8:30-10:30pm}
~Raffles {need to be present to enter/Do NOT need to be present to win}
~Live Bands -6pm Dr Green Dreams (Outside in Parking Lot)
-9pm Oregon Fryer (Indoors)
~Drink specials

Come on down* and let us Thank You

*must be 21 and over

The festivities kick off at 11am and run all day and night. Be there!