5th annual High Gravity Brewest at McMenamins, Saturday, Jan. 13

On Saturday, January 13, McMenamins Old St. Francis School hosts their 5th annual High Gravity Brewfest, their winter celebration of big, bold, and strong beers and ciders. They’ll feature over two dozen beers and ciders pouring from a host of guest breweries, a mix of our local Central Oregon ones and other McMenamins locations such as the Edgefield, Roseburg Station, and the Thompson Brewery.

This is a fest I always look forward to, and there will be some really good (and strong) beers pouring—and not for the faint of heart! Beer stations will be spread out across the property—depending on the weather and temperature—from the Theater to around the firepits in the courtyard, and possibly to O’Kane’s. The fest takes place from 1 to 5pm, and there will be live music in Father Luke’s Room, with Maxwell Friedman Trio from 1 to 3pm, Company Grand from 4 to 6, and Swatkins & The Positive Agenda from 7 to 10.

Pricing is straightforward, and McMenamins uses a punch card instead of tickets or tokens to keep track of how much you taste (which is pretty efficient in my opinion, and you’re not fumbling around pockets for multiple tickets). The glass is $5, and a four-ounce taster costs $2—you buy as many tasters per punch card you want.

The beer list is posted here, and looks pretty great.

It’s a great local brewfest, worth your time, and (unlike last year) it looks like the weather will be mild and maybe even partly sunny. Don’t miss out!

McMenamins High Gravity Extravaganza

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