The Tourism Issue

This summer seems to have been the tipping point for tourism in Bend—namely, that we are starting to see backlash against the number of tourists and the possibility is being raised that too much tourism is a bad thing for Bend. Not that local negativity against tourism is a new thing, but it’s really the first… Read More The Tourism Issue

How about them apples?

I was walking around the Old Town part of downtown today during my lunch break, and was struck not for the first time by the number of apple trees there are. This time of year they are all bearing fruit, and on my walk most of them were dropping their fruit as well—bunches of apples… Read More How about them apples?

Celebrate Troy Field – community picnic

Spotted on the 4th of July: (Community picnic/potluck, Wednesday, July 6th, 4 to 9pm. Bring your own food, blanket, non-alcoholic beverages, cornhole games, and all musical instruments (even banjos!) welcome!