The Bend Brewfest starts on Thursday

Bend BrewfestCentral Oregon’s oldest and largest beer festival, the Bend Brewfest, returns again this year for three full days: Thursday through Saturday, the 14th through 16th. Each day it goes from noon to 11pm and takes place as always at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.

Admission is free, but to drink beer you’ll need to buy the (one-time) mug and five token package for $15 (which can be reused each day). Tasting tokens are worth $1 each and you can more in blocks of five. They follow standard beer festival pricing: one token gets you one four-ounce sample, and you can fill your mug for four tokens.

Kids are welcome until 7pm each night (from 7 to 11 the fest is 21-and-over only), though parents will need to sign a waiver for them to get in. Dogs are welcome as well, and owners will need to sign a similar waiver for them.

The beer list looks great, with some 63 breweries and cideries pouring at least two beers each—and some have additional beer pouring on the X-Tap which is located in the Brewtality Tent this year. In addition to the specialty beers pouring on the X-Tap they will also have breweries (or reps) on hand to talk about the particular beer being served.

If you want to get the most out of your Brewfest experience, I wrote up a how-to post for the Old Mill blog on just that subject. Hopefully it’ll help save any festival-related headaches—real or otherwise! (Disclosure: I received two mug packages for the Brewfest for writing the guest post for the Old Mill blog.)

Despite the rain we had the past couple of days, the weather is looking up for the days of the Brewfest, so don’t miss out!

More openings

Some more openings of places that I missed last week.

Pop’s Place—eastside, intersection of Butler Market and 27th Street. They occupy the space originally populated by Little Pizza Paradise (before they moved to the Cascade Village Shopping Center), then by Hot Lips or Hot Rock Pizza or whatever it was in the interim. They are billing themselves as an “AmeriMexItali Express Café” which means “a fun family friendly restaurant serving American, Mexican, and Italian meals prepared quickly with the freshest of ingredients.”

The Stihl Whiskey Bar—downtown, in the former Bo Restobar location in the Franklin Crossing building. They offer a full bar, specializing in custom whiskey drinks (obviously), and I believe a full menu as well. There’s not a lot of information yet but the photos look cool and the comments are positive so far.

I’m sure there are even more that have slipped my mind at the moment, so leave a comment if you can think of any!

And as a side note: both of these new businesses only seem to have a Facebook page, not an actual web page with their own URL. Really, businesses should have their own URL first, even if it’s just a landing page with contact info; I’d be nervous about putting all your online eggs into one (Facebook) basket.

If you like 10 Barrel’s Swill, there has been a recall

10 Barrel BrewingIf you are a fan of 10 Barrel Brewing‘s Swill (their seasonal American Radler beer), you should be aware that the company today announced they are recalling all of this year’s Swill currently on the market. They are having overcarbonation issues which can lead to exploding bottles—so if you have any, you should dispose of it.

Here’s the full text they posted on Facebook:

We Are Voluntarily Recalling Swill

To our retailers and consumer friends,

10 Barrel Brewing Company is conducting a voluntary recall of Swill in all 12 and 22 ounce bottles. It has come to our attention that some of this product may be experiencing secondary fermentation in the bottle, causing over carbonation. This consistency issue does not meet 10 Barrel Brewing’s quality standards and, as a precaution, we are removing all inventory of Swill from our wholesalers and retail shelves and we are asking that consumers immediately dispose of any Swill already purchased. Swill is brewed with a completely different process than any of our other beers, isolating this issue to only Swill. This recall does not affect any of 10 Barrel Brewing’s other products.

Consumers: if you have any Swill in your home, please do not open it, attempt to transport it, or return it to your retail store. Dispose of the product by following these steps: (i) Before disposing of any bottles of Swill, please put on protective gloves and eye wear; (ii) Place all remaining Swill bottles in a closed box and place immediately in a secured dumpster or trash container outside.

We take the utmost pride in producing an extremely high quality product and continuously striving for new and innovative beers to send to the consumer. Unfortunately in this instance, despite a rigorous testing and brewing quality-check process, we didn’t hit the mark. We have an amazing completely new beer coming out in a few weeks to replace it so keep an eye out for something new in stores.

If you have any questions regarding this voluntary recall, please call 10 Barrel Brewing at (541) 678-5427 or send an email to If you have any of the potentially affected product and would like a refund, you can use the same phone number or email address.

Exploding bottles can be serious, so it’s best not to mess around, and dispose of them per 10 Barrel’s recommendations.


There have been a few openings of note, in the past week and a half or so—over on the east side.

Firstly, the first of the two Walgreens coming to Bend has opened up: the one on Highway 20 in the old Pilot Butte Theater location, across from Worthy Brewing. It’s the first Walgreens to come to Bend, ever (Redmond had one before Bend did), but the second one, located at the former Murray and Holt sales lot on the corner of Third Street and Franklin Avenue, should be opening soon as well.

Secondly, the new east side Jimmy John’s opened up last week, the second one for Bend. It’s located next to the Shell gas station/Growler Guys at the intersection of Highway 20 and 27th Street, and I’m assuming they offer the same “freaky fast delivery” promised in all of their commercials. I haven’t been there yet, but if I do maybe I’ll write about it for a “Lunch Bites” feature.

Finally, Laughing Planet Café is now open at 913 NE Third Street—the former location of Taylor’s Sausage Deli (and Cheerleaders Grill before they moved out to Shilo Inn). Laughing Planet is a Portland-based business offering up fresh and healthy foods (“Burritos, Bowls, & Goofiness” according to their website) with an emphasis on local sources. That’s a combination that should do well here, I only hope the Third Street location doesn’t work against them. (Also worth a “Lunch Bites” post.)