Maragas Winery is selling their Bend Tasting Room

The latest email newsletter from Maragas Winery has some interesting news: they are selling their Bend Tasting Room, and moving everything out to their winery north of Terrebonne.

With the completion of the winery, vineyard, and farm house, we know have everything in place for the next leg of our journey.

After much thoughtfulness, deliberation and communing with the wine gods, we are selling our beloved tasting room building in Bend so that she can fulfill someone else’s dreams.

Until the time that our building sells, we will be open at the tasting room by appointment only. Please contact us at (541) 546-5464 if you would like a tasting appointment or if you are interested in purchasing our building.

This seems like a counter-productive move; Central Oregon doesn’t exactly have the vibrant winery scene like Hood River, McMinnville, or Medford where part of the charm is the "wine tour." But maybe it’ll work out for them.

In the meantime, what would be a good business to move into their Tasting Room location? (The corner of Colorado and Bond.)

One thought on “Maragas Winery is selling their Bend Tasting Room

  1. How about a red lobster or another red robin, something red. How about a new concept I hear is taking the west by storm, Wife Beaters. Gastropub food, servers and cooks wear wifebeater tanktops. Hot, sexy and quick. Those are my ideas.

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