Jason Evers AKA Doitchin Krasev

I closed the comments on the previous Jason Evers post because it was getting ridiculous with a lot of unproductive comments and proto-flaming. However, with the latest news reports coming out about “Jason Evers”—now identified as “Doitchin Krasev”—it’s too interesting not to blog about. So, don’t get too crazy in the comments.

The latest information is the man formerly known as “Jason Evers” has been identified as Bulgarian immigrant Doitchin Krasev who was brought to the U.S. in the mid-80s to go to school, and dropped out and disappeared two years later. He’s also older than previously though, having been born in the early ’70s.

For a neat one-paragraph summary of the latest news, KBND’s current snapshot is a good place to start.

Longer, more detailed stories can be found from The Oregonian, and KGW.com; yesterday’s (and maybe today’s) Bulletin also had a good front-page story on him, but it’s all behind their paywall online, so I can’t point you to those.

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  1. I don’t think any of us expected this. The sad thing is he lived as a productive citizen, paying taxes not living off of government handouts. Now he could be facing deportation, though I think he felt that America is his home country. I am uncertain what can be done to solve that problem. Hopefully the lawyers

  2. I tried to comment to Sean Tobin in the last forum, but as stated by the admin above, the comments were shut off.

    So I will try it here.


    #1) I posted my real name in the last forum and I’ll post my FULL real name here. It’s Mel Hignell. I managed the Wall Street bar for many years. And here is my facebook page, since it would seem my posting a picture is the proof you need to verify I am who I say I am. Not that identity verification is your forte, Mr. Tobin, but I figured I would be helpful.


    #2) Your friend — the one you keep defending — is an illegal Bosnian immigrant who got a free ride from a nice couple who wanted to ensure he had a better life in the U.S., dropped out of the college they sent him to, disappeared with nary a phone call to his host family, lost his student visa status, is on the lam from INS, stole the identity of a murdered baby, moved to Oregon to be close to his surrogate grandmother, bartended at Club 97 (yes, you heard that right. My Krasev was a bartender), became an OLCC officer for the State of Oregon, was privy to everyone’s private information, including bank account numbers, social security numbers and business info, wracked up enough misconduct complaints due to his multiple untruths to be transferred, was arrested on the border of Idaho after Operation Death Match, lied about his parents being incarcerated and dead, told the judge he couldn’t reveal his identity for fear of his safety, and is the sole reason a class-action lawsuit is currently being prepared against the the OLCC. . .

    is a manipulative sociopath.

    #3) We, the managers, bartenders and establishment owners of Bend are not the enemy; your friend is. We are not the ones you should be lambasting; your friend is. We are good, hardworking mothers, fathers, students, laborers, daughters, sons and people, and not one of us in a Bosnian communist looking for a free ride. Your friend is.

    #4) So instead of wasting your time defending a man who has been lying to you since the day your friendship blossomed into the scandal-proof one it has become, why don’t you take this for what it is: a great chance to learn a life lesson and reevaluate your friend-vetting process.


    PS – Before you start admonishing people for their misspelling and grammar errors, you might want to proofread your own posts. At the very least you should take a refresher course in possessive pronouns.

  3. Please do not forget this man is an ILLEGAL ALIEN. My guess is that he acquired the Jason Evers ID when his green card ran out.

  4. Well nice to see this was nothing sinister. Unfortunately a bad youthful decision is going to have severe consequences. His lawyer should be able to plea bargain the charges down given the circumstances, but then there’s Ohio charges, and possible perjury charges regarding OLCC testimony, and finally being in the country illegally. Well at the very least probably deportation with no possibility of ever returning to the united states even on a travel visa. His fiancĂ© should make the investment in the rossetta stone Bulgarian edition.

  5. I would think the OLCC would have to reconsider every case Jason Evers testified in. Witness credibility is very important in deciding the final determination in a case. I’m sure if an OLCC licensee brought forth an illegal alien using a fake identity, his testimony wouldn’t be allowed or certainly considered tainted. This is going to be a big mess, the OLCC should just void every ticket Jason Evers wrote, make some monetary settlements and be done with it.

  6. I know Jason Evers and what I know about him is that he is a really nice helpful guy. I dont think anything should be done to him. Who has he really hurt by using another name? There are soooo many illegal mexicans here that no one is doing anything about that who cares if one Bosnian is here. I say give him citizenship and send him on his way to having a life. I wish people and the law would be as concerned about all of those illegal mexicans that are filling our country with their off spring, taking our jobs and money in every way. I have been thinking that I should be able to do anything I want here in my country since they let the M illegals and they never do anything about it. Those people are breaking the law every day and NO ONE CARES. Why should people care so much about Jason being here trying to have a decent life.

  7. I find it funny that anyone can make the statement that they “know” this individual. He has deceived everyone that has ever been part of his life. The way he has abbandoned his family and host family should tell you a lot more about this person than most are willing to see. Those who showed him kindness in life got nothing in return but neglect. He should be deported, he is living here illegally and if you going to make a statement about other illegal aliens the only logical explination in this case is to send him back to where he came from as you would like to do to the others. The man has lived a life of fraud, he has made nothing in this country but lies and it should stop.

  8. Unfortnately the justice system will have to deport Jason, if they make an exception for him, they’ll have to make exceptions for everybody. I don’t think we want to send the message that if you’re here on a student visa all you have to do to become a citizen is get fake I.D. and be a likeable, law abiding person.

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