Freedom Ride!

I completely forgot about the annual Freedom Ride tomorrow in the Weekend Happenings post (thanks, Mike)! It’s another big Independence Day event, open to anyone who wants to participate, and it’s taking place tomorrow at 3pm—though everyone will start meeting up at Columbia Park at 2 to 2:30.

From Columbia Park the Freedom Riders will bicycle around the area (and through Downtown) in a sort of impromptu parade—garish and outlandish costumes included. Definitely not something you’ll want to miss—either to watch or join!

6 thoughts on “Freedom Ride!

  1. Freedom ride??? Are you kidding me?? I was just TRAPPED on Wall St. in your Freedom Ride. I had riders bouncing off of my car and hitting my windows as they rode by. This type of parade was not advertised. Now while you may think that this is cute, it caused me to have a panic attack from which I could not leave!! Who do I contact that was responsible for this illegal ride that caused me severe mental trauma? Seriously, I want a reply.

    Thank you,


    1. It’s been happening every 4th for at least 8 years. Sorry you are new and didn’t know but any local knows to steer clear of driving downtown on the 4th of July. Pet parade, freedom ride, festivities in the park and lots of people on foot. Driving in the area is just not a good idea and now you know. Sorry you learned the hard way but get over it!

      …And if you can’t, maybe sunny southern California can provide you with mental trauma free 4th of July and lifestyle…

  2. Of course it wasn’t advertised. and there isn’t one specific person involved. It’s tradition among the younger community. Don’t freak out just because you didn’t have fun.

  3. Well Carrie, this ride was to show support of our freedom and nation! that includes our right as cyclists to show our love and save the earth from you people driving your cars everywhere! It is hot and nice out during this summer season and there is no excuse to be driving your oil hogs around! so get a grip and see the positive side of this and quit being so negative with your selfishness. O and we are so sorry that you were in the wrong place at the right time!

  4. The last time I watched The Freedom Ride (back in 2007) the police blocked the streets off to traffic for about 15 minutes. This year it was pretty chaotic with drivers being mobbed by riders.

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