The Best of Bend

The Source’s Best of Bend poll is online again (and in their paper last week)—you’ll have to register for an account with them if you want to vote—and while Hack Bend won Best Blog last year, I have to agree with Jake and encourage everyone to vote for someone else this year (to spread the wealth, so to speak).

Some suggestions:

5 thoughts on “The Best of Bend

  1. I’d agree with those, but I do have to say YOU do a great job too 🙂

    I have been saying on twitter, I am beginning to very much dislike those businesses who keep spamming the “vote for me” everywhere. If your “the Best in Bend”, you’ll get the vote regardless of how much to “try” to gain votes.

  2. Agree on all those, though it’ll probably be a cold day in hell before the Source awards a prize to a blog created by The Bulletin (I like Ben’s blog, too, I’m just saying…).

  3. I’m with Your wife … I am so tired of the VOTE FOR ME stuff all over both Twitter and Facebook. It’s incredibly unbecoming.

    Social media just makes incessant self-promoters louder and more annoying.

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