Old Mill Brew Werks: Bend’s newest brewery

The Bulletin ran an article on the front page of their Business section today about Old Mill Brew Werks, the newest brewery to be opening in Bend (right after Noble Brewing). Unfortunately, I can’t link you to the article because it’s behind their paywall; but I had a copy of the newspaper at work and was able to find out more about it the old-fashioned way—you know, on paper.

Essentially, the OMBW is opening as a restaurant only at first, tentatively around October 1st in the space formally occupied by the Phoenix Cafe in the Old Mill District. They’ll open at 8am and will offer breakfast, something that’s under-represented in the Old Mill. Brewing should start (once they find and procure a facility) with beers available after the first of the year.

I’ve deconstructed the news and added various thoughts over at my beer blog; including the important quotes from the article.

Incidentally, Noble Brewing is also planning to open up around the first of January, and up until today they were the newest brewery (planned) in Bend. They will be opening over in the Century Center on the Westside, taking over the West Bend Tennis Center at 1355 SW Commerce. With all these new breweries opening up, Bend alone will have eight breweries (10 total for the region).

So, when is a brewery or brewpub going to open up somewhere on the Eastside?

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