Pumpkin Hunt (and yes, there’s no pumpkin festival)

After reading some of the comments on the pumpkin patch post, it’s no wonder that this caught my eye on the Bend Parks & Rec Facebook page

It’s true, no pumpkin festival from us this year. Trust for Public Land will be having a pumpkin hunt at Miller’s Landing on Oct. 23 from 10-12 with cider, snacks and raffle prizes.

Found a line item about the pumpkin hunt here (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page). My guess is that this will be something like an Easter Egg hunt – hopefully more info is forthcoming.

Although it doesn’t say so on the site I would imagine this is a fundraising event so there might be a small cost to hunt for pumpkins, buy raffle tickets, etc. Miller’s Landing is certainly a worthy cause, and they only have until the end of this year to raise the rest of their $1.81 million goal (the site doesn’t say how much they’ve raised so far).