Baldy’s BBQ on the Eastside

Did you know that Baldy’s BBQ has a new location over on Bend’s eastside? It’s in the Shell gas station Stop and Go, on the corner of 27th and Highway 20, replacing the former sub sandwich shop they had in there (Sargo’s). I know you all love Baldy’s (it’s always the local favorite in the usual “Best of Bend” lists) so a second location—one you don’t have to travel across town to Century Drive for—makes sense.

I haven’t been there myself yet, so I don’t have any particular details on hours and such; I imagine the (lunch) menu should be about the same as the main location. But they’ve been open a few weeks, at least.

Has anyone else been there yet? Venture an opinion?

5 thoughts on “Baldy’s BBQ on the Eastside

  1. I noticed Baldy’s there a few months ago when filling up my propane tank. I went in and looked at the setup. I haven’t noticed the location being mentioned in any of their print ads (in The Source). Not sure the daily specials apply there, but if so it could be a nice way to beat the packed Westside location.

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