The Cross-Kultural Carnival

Coinciding with this week’s Cyclocross Nationals, Paul Arney writes in to tell us about an event taking place this Saturday, the 11th: The Cross-Kultural Carnival:

Along with Boneyard Brewery, I am organizing a very eccentric evening of music, performance art/acting, and words that will take place at the Century Center.  2 bands and one acting troupe with video, spoken word, and other weirdness.  The event is ‘The Cross-Kultural Carnival’.
This is going to be a glimpse into Bend and Seattle’s underground.

I also found some more detail about it posted here:

Sponsored by Boneyard Brewery! Beer will be available.
2 sets from Corespondents, a Seattle-based trio that somehow manages to meld the music from old Westerns, Greek weddings, surf riffs, and Hawaiian warmth as well as sounds from other space. Their use of a pedal steel guitar, a Greek bazouki, a Vietnamese Don Bao along with a handmade acoustic guitar and a classic Danelectro create an atmosphere that can transport you to the future just as easily as to the past.

Spoken word performance of ‘The Sun Wolf’ and ‘The Cowboy and the Gorilla’ by local poet Paul Arney with ambient sounds by Corespondents and Fixin’ Hot Silver Magma.
Event is free, but donations are strongly encouraged and Boneyard will be charging for beer.