Bend Moms for Moms Website

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about this cool website called Bend Moms for Moms. Their mission:

Bend Moms for Moms is an online forum for our local mom community to connect, inform, support, and inspire one another.

They offer a market place for selling items, forum, groups in different areas.  Here’s a little more info on that:

Connect. Get to know the mothers in Bend. We are powerful, beautiful and diverse! Put a few of us together and there’s nothing we can’t do.

Support. Ever have one of those days? The kids are driving you crazy, your partner is a stress case, and all you want is a glass of wine with a good friend? It’s called support, and you’ll find it here. Ask questions, get advice, vent your frustrations. We all have those days!

Inform. Share information about what it’s like to be a mom in Bend. Your favorite hike, yoga studio, x-country trail. Need some affordable child care, quick? Join the Babysitter Exchange and Share Child Care groups to find resources in your neighborhood. Looking for a new pediatrician? Get a long list of doctor recommendations, straight from Bend mothers.

Inspire. Mothers have the hardest job on Earth. The way we navigate through the ups and downs of motherhood, marriage, careers and life is inspiring. Inspire. Be inspired. Whether you have a newborn, teenager, grandchild or empty nest, all you have to do is open your heart and share!

To protect the security of all our members, you must sign up and create a user profileto explore the interior pages of this site. Just a few quick details about you and a profile picture, and you’ll be approved as a member of the Bend Moms for Moms community.

The community has over 100 members and they’re looking for other Bend moms!