Sunriver’s Trout House is closing

The news that Sunriver’s Trout House restaurant—a charming little restaurant next to the Marina out at Sunriver Resort—was closing was embedded in Friday’s “Small Bites” section of the Bulletin’s restaurant review and nearly missed:

Hola!, a popular Mexican-Peruvian restaurant with two Bend stores, will open a third location in Sunriver in March. Owner and executive chef Marcos Rodriguez said the new restaurant will replace the Trout House, which is closing. Existing restaurants, open every day for lunch and dinner, are next to the Regal cinemas in the The Old Mill District (541-647-2711) and in the Forum Shopping Center on Bend’s east side (541-389-4652);

(Emphasis mine.)

Nothing against Hola, which is a great restaurant, but I liked the Trout House: it had an almost secretive, off-the-beaten-path feel to it.

3 thoughts on “Sunriver’s Trout House is closing

  1. The Trout house closing? I always liked going in the summer and watching the floaters at the marina, and the lazy “days” and charm of the place.
    In winter as well, with the contrast of the snow and water this restaurant made a unique statement..and the location one -of -a -kind!

  2. Scary prospect to put Hola into Trout House’s location. It’s off the beaten path and if you’re an out-of-towner, you’d have to know it’s there to try it out. The Trout House worked well there and seemed to have an impressive following. Not sure if Hola can pull it off there. Also hope they’re not trying to expand too fast!

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