Ice Crit

The Ice Crit is one of my favorite events in the winter. The event used to be held in the Swampy Lakes parking lot but moved to Wanoga a couple years ago. Sometimes it’s downright balmy and there’s little or no snow anywhere, let alone on the course. This year, the conditions should be downright awful… and perfect.

The race works similar to other criterium style bicycle races – the participants ride laps around the parking lot. Except… it’s dark. And there’s snow. And some of the racers are wearing funny costumes. And there’s a ramp, and the riders have to jump their bikes over a fire pit.

If watching (free!) or riding ($10, proceeds go to COTA) doesn’t sound awesome to you, then I’m not sure why you live in Bend. Sure it’s cold, but that’s why we all own puffy coats and beanie hats and drink lots of warm beverages (or beer).

Where: Wanoga Snow Park (14 miles southwest of Bend)
When: Saturday, February 26
Time: 6pm registration, 7pm start
What to Bring: Bicycle (of any stripe), headlamp, costume, adventurous spirit

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  1. Woo Hoo! Should be great fun tonight! Cascade Lakes Brewery has donated a keg to add to the festivities. This is a family friendly event, bring friends too!

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