Cheers to Bourbon Street!

Last Friday a few girlfriends wanted to go out for oysters and champagne. Decadent, no? We tried 10 Below but they couldn’t seat us so we went across the street to Bourbon Street. We were not disappointed.

I had been to Bourbon Street a couple of times after they first opened and was unimpressed. Aside from the cute bartender, the crawfish dip was nothing to write home about and the hush puppies were just sad lumps of cornmeal. Mine are a billion times better. And no, I’m not giving out the recipe.

I wasn’t sure that I would be crazy about oysters. They’re kinda slimy, right? So while the others ordered theirs raw, I opted to try the Red Barons, described on the menu as “baked with roasted red pep­pers, pars­ley and cheese sauce until golden.” You can’t go wrong with cheese sauce. This was no exception. I can’t even describe them well enough to do them justice. Suffice it to say that my mouth was doing a happy dance. The champagne only enhanced the flavors and added a little extra boogie to the happy dance.

We contemplated ordering another bottle of champagne and another order of oysters. The Oysters “Rockafella” are served with hollandaise sauce.  We agreed that anything with hollandaise sauce needed to be experienced. They were also delicious and layered as oyster, dollop of sauce, topping of buttery, flaky crispiness. Perfection.

The best way to round out our decadent little snack? Dessert, of course. We went with the beignets. Of course. Four of us chose the caramel apple beignets and two of us chose the traditional powdered sugar-dusted beignets. For the first time that evening our table was quiet. We were too caught up in the enjoyment of the desserts and the wine and the perfect combination of the two. It was described by more than one of us as a food orgasm.

I am already looking forward to repeating this experience. I hope Bourbon Street is ready for us.


One thought on “Cheers to Bourbon Street!

  1. I just tried Bourbon Street for the first time the other night. It was fantastic. The food, drink and the ambiance were all great. For appetizers we got the artichoke and crawfish dip. For dinner I had the Jam­bal­aya pasta and my wife had the Stuffed Snap­per (crab stuffed). For desert we had bread pudding. I highly recommend any of the food we had. I heard disappointing reviews right after they opened , but have heard nothing but good things since that time. I think it was great! Try it!

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