Ice Cube at the Midtown

Tomorrow night at the Midtown Ballroom, hip-hop and movie star Ice Cube will be performing—local music news that (seems to me) to be both completely random and a big deal for Bend. (Though, does anyone remember when 2 Live Crew played Club 97 back in… 2001?) The show starts at 8:30, though the doors open at 7:30.

For a background, Ben Salmon had a good writeup in Friday’s Bulletin, and there’s a note on the site (which I didn’t know about until now).

Tickets will run you $30, and you can purchase them online at

2 thoughts on “Ice Cube at the Midtown

  1. Thanks for the link, Jon.

    Fun fact: 2 Live Crew also played the Midtown Ballroom in April of 2007. I heard that like 25 people showed up.

    Or maybe it was the Domino Room. Either way, 25 people must’ve looked awfully sparse.

  2. I paid for ice cube tickets in portland about 4 or 5 years ago? around that… he never showed and to this day i have not been refunded i bought the tickets through ticket master

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