Brother Jon’s is expanding

Brother Jon's Public HouseBrother Jon’s Public House is expanding, according to the Bulletin this weekend: they plan to open a second location in the old Bond Street Grill (née Decoy Bar & Grill) downtown, across from Deschutes Brewery on Greenwood and Bond.

John Machell, co-owner of Brother Jon’s, said the new restaurant will have a similar ambiance to the Northwest Galveston Avenue location, but it will offer a different menu so customers will have a reason to go to both locations. He said both locations would offer live music.

Machell hopes to open the new location, called The Ale House by Brother Jon’s, in January, he said, and plans to hire 20 to 30 people.

Nice to see some positive restaurant news considering the amount of closures this past year.

4 thoughts on “Brother Jon’s is expanding

  1. Unfortunately, that spot seems like the kiss of death for all who want to be a “successful restaurant” in Bend! So, I wish them the very best. And, if it’s Brother John’s, I’ll definitely give ’em a shot. When I’m in town. Thanks for the info!

  2. I worry when I see a business over-reach. Or at least, a business I care about.

    I was somewhat gratified in the schadenfreudenish sense to hear that Gavin McMichael’s nascent restaurant empire collapsed, not because of any dislike for the man — I’ve never met him — but because while The Blacksmith provides strong dishes made with manly integrity, Bourbon Street bothered me. Begun in controversy (how, exactly, did the ousterage of Staccato come about again?), the place never served a dish to me that I’d be proud to serve a guest. Shortly thereafter, Gatsby’s, like an evil mushroom, pushed up through lower Minnesota Ave’s fertile retail soil and seemingly shouldered aside Astro and Marz.

    Both Bourbon St. and Gatsby’s share a “Disneyland restaurant” look. I like my town to have charm, not “theme park” restaurants.

    I dig BroJo’s. I like the place’s vibe — here’s hoping that Machell will add something to downtown, and make it work.

  3. I think its a great move for Brother Johns. The westside Bend location is always at max occupancy when I’ve been. I’ll be visiting the downtown location soon!

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