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The Stylish StorkThe Stylish Stork is Bend’s largest non-profit baby clothing and furniture store located over on Greenwood, selling new and gently-used items for children up to six years of age. They accept tax-deductible donations and they seem to be going out of their way to provide a good shopping experience to folks.

This came to my attention because Melanie from Cog Wild is organizing a donation drive to The Stylish Stork to celebrate her mother’s birthday, and would love to get as many people as possible donating to honor her mother:

My mom is turning 60 this month and has a request other than gifts, which gave me an idea. But first a short background: My mom’s childhood was very frugal. I am happy to say her adult life is different, but she has always volunteered her time to give back to those still in need. For many years now she has been very involved with the Samaritan House in her community that donates clothes to those who cannot afford to purchase clothes for their kids. I have been able to volunteer with my mom, digging though bags of donated clothes looking for school uniforms and specific size pants for mom’s who kids are in need. It was heartbreaking.

So back to my idea.. My mom has asked that people donate clothes instead of a gift for her. Since I live 8 hours away, I could bring stuff with me, or…. here in Bend I found out we have a place called The Stylish Stork where families in need can get clothes, toys and other necessities for their children. I would much rather help our community and let my Mom know what is going on than bring stuff to her.

I gave the Stylish Stork a call to share my idea and Danny who answered the phone was ecstatic. Sounds like the demand for kids clothes and toys is much higher than what they can keep in stock. So sending this email is the start in making this idea for my Mom’s birthday a reality. If you are able to help, I am very grateful!

Info on donating
Sizes needed:
Infant through toddler sizes
Boys and Girls size zero through 6yrs

Specifics on clothes:
They will only take clothes and shoes that have no rips, stains, tears or smells.
Clothes that are good quality, in good shape are preferred.
If possible, please wash the clothes first.
Spring clothes and jackets are requested specifically.

Specifics on toys and furniture:
Baby equipment and furniture are also needed
Same with toys that are in great shape

Where to drop off:
To drop off items, please call first: 541-550-7055
The Stylish Stork is at 165 NE Greenwood (across from the Gear Peddler)
They are open Monday through Saturday.

Note – you can donate clothes or drop them off for store credit! Anyone can purchase kids clothes here.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! This past weekend was my mom’s birthday. I shared with her your post and the original email and she was so excited with everything. As she titled it, Paying It Forward is a great thing to do. A huge thank you to everyone who is able to help our local Stylish Stork and our community!!

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