New Hack Bend calendar

If you’ve gone to the Hack Bend Calendar recently, you may have noticed some changes: I’m in the process of switching it over to a new calendar app (a WordPress blog plugin) and moving away from Google Calendar.

Not that there was anything wrong with Google Calendar (and you can still access that one here for the time being), it’s an amazing resource and easy to use. But this new calendar gives some more flexibility that I wish Google would offer, namely:

  • Events are listed by category, and you can filter to only show a specific category (or categories) on the calendar;
  • Automatic lookup of addresses on the admin side, and integration with Google Maps (of course Google offers this, but I have the option of turning it off);
  • More logical event entry, able to break out fields like price and contact infomation separate from the main content.

And, this new calendar lets you add it to your own Google Calendar, or subscribe to events in your own (other) calendar app—look for the “Subscribe” buttons to do so.

I’ve not pulled over any event history from Google, though, so the events on the calendar are only for February 2012 going forward. And at some point I’d like to integrate an easy-to-use event submission form for people to offer up their own events.

Take a look, let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “New Hack Bend calendar

  1. Nice clean look. I like it better than the one I use on BikeAroundBend. I really like how clean in looks; I think the mouse-over goes a long way towards that end. The only thing I saw missing was “legend” to decrypt the color coding, though I probably just missed it.

  2. I’ll see about putting a legend on there somewhere; the closest I’ve found so far is hovering over the “Categories” filter button, it shows the color coding. And if there are multiple categories, the event takes the color of the first category alphabetically, which can be confusing.

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