Downtown: Tart is out, Hola is in

Hola! BendYesterday John Anderson broke the news on Facebook that Tart Bistro, the corner restaurant in the St. Clair building, is closing today:

It’s apparently official: Tart Bistro is closing after Saturday (and possibly after tonight) — and Hola! will be taking its place at the corner of Bond and Minnesota in downtown Bend.


Just spoke to Marcos. Hola 3 reopened in Sunriver on monday and he hopes to get Hola 4 up and running downtown in about 2 weeks

And this morning the Bulletin has some more detail about the closure (and the expansion of Hola).

Unlike Tart, which was closed on Sundays and Mondays, Hola! plans to be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, he said. Lowes also said he wants to keep the downtown location open longer than the other Hola! restaurants to cater to the late-night crowd.

Sorry to see Tart go, but I do think it’s good for Hola to be expanding (particularly in this economy).

Now… when’s someone going to do something with the old Bourbon Street location?

One thought on “Downtown: Tart is out, Hola is in

  1. Did you know that Letzer’s on the south side is closed? I stopped by last saturday, didn’t see any notice on the door, and thought that maybe they closed for the sabbath… swung around again today and saw a little notice on the door that they’ve closed that location, concentrating on the new downtown spot. I’m sorry about Tart. Thought they did a good job.

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