Brew Werks Beer Dinner (Central Oregon Beer Week)

Brew Werks BrewingOne of the Central Oregon Beer Week events that was just confirmed this week is a very cool beer dinner that Brew Werks Brewing and Old Mill Brew Werks (yes, the two are separate now, though still closely affiliated) are hosting on Wednesday, the 23rd:

Chef Rudy has worked out an outstanding menu for Old Mill Brew Wërks first ever beer-pairing meal. It’s a five course, hand-crafted menu of items chosen to work in cohort with the excellence of Brew Wërks Brewing‘s current lineup of beer. Brewmaster Michael McMahon will be on-hand to field questions and comments about his recent creations and the next steps in the life of this little brewery in Bend.

It takes place from 6:30 to 8:30 on Wednesday and costs $50 (which includes the beer of course). The current line-up of beers Brew Werks has on tap is: Audacious Amber Ale, Schizophrenic Stout, Rabble-Rouser Imperial Red, Neurotic Blonde, and Irreverence IPA—a nice variety in that lineup that should lend itself well to a variety of cuisine. (And those are good beers, too!)

This is definitely going to be a cool dinner; for reservations, call the pub at 541-633-7670.