The Oyster Off-Road Adventure Race needs volunteers

Oyster Off-Road Adventure RaceNext weekend, Saturday the 30th, is the Oyster Off-Road Adventure Race: “the ultimate hybrid adventure, sending teams of 2-4 racers out on a mystery course around Bend, Oregon. Heading into its 9th season, Oyster is the longest running “urban adventure race” in the USA. The Off Road Adventure courses can range from 15-20 miles and 3-6 hours, providing an endurance level to suit all appetites.” It’s an event that look like a lot of fun, with the premise being that the course is secret, and you find clues to discover what the course is as you go. Because it’s “off-road” you will of course need to possibly be able to handle trail running, mountain biking, paddling, climbing, and more.

This year’s beneficiary of the race is the Deschutes River Conservancy and as part of their involvement, they are charged with getting the volunteers needed to help with the race. They need 50 volunteers are there are a number of different shifts on both Friday the 29th (pre-race check-in and set-up) and Saturday the 30th. Details and how to sign up are here.