Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Ignite Bend 9 speakers

Ignite BendIgnite Bend 9 is just around the corner—less than 3 weeks!—and this weekend is the final couple of days to vote for the speakers you’d really want to see on stage! Go here to vote for your top three choices, and do it soon because the voting closes on Monday!

Here are the submitted proposals you can vote for:

  • Laura Cuthbert — From Renaissance to Robots in a day: preparing for the future
  • Garrett Gladden — Hearts of Darkness: A completely true tale of the mayhem, mischief and mania of childhood
  • Anne-Marie Daggett — Navigating the murky waters of single-mom-ness
  • Sean Anderson — Impossible?
  • Dave Thomas — We Can’t All Be First Chair But Here’s Why We Should Try Anyways
  • Brenda J. Gessner — Mom
  • Gail Menasco — The Reality of Skydiving
  • Sara Q. Thompson — Personal One-Way Time Travel
  • Mark Schang — What the heck is a Whitewater Park?
  • Kevin English — 18 White, 6 Blue
  • Paul Freed — 5 reasons why I love Geocaching
  • marie machado — Lions and Tigers and Babies??? Oh my! How I survived the first year as a new parent
  • Brian Walker — Bipolar MANiac. – Living from Pole to Pole.
  • Dave Nelson — The Case for Radically Active Citizenship
  • Sara M Wiener — Upcycling Plastic Bags around the World: Saving the Environment and Creating Jobs
  • John Biggs — Giving Shows Us What We Have
  • megan minkiewicz — A Year – How I raise a puppy for guide dogs for the blind over and over again
  • Amy Clark — The Shortest Distance from Point A to Point B = 26.2 miles
  • Brian McGinnis — Hipsters:The New Old Way of Doing New Old things
  • Kenny LaPoint — BeRemedy Bend
  • Fawn Sybrant — Hops versus Riboflavin: Why beer is the best beverage of all
  • Margery Untermeyer — Am I A Mess? Turning life’s little bumps into stepping stones.
  • charles webster baer — global internet government

By voting you can help pick the 10 speakers that will be on stage on October 17th. Go vote!