Ignite Bend 9 Speakers and Tickets

Ignite BendThe (free) tickets for Ignite Bend 9, coming up on the 17th, are going “on sale” today at noon! You’ll want to watch the Ignite Bend site for the announcement and link, because the past few events, these tickets have sold out within the first 15 or so minutes (which is crazy!).

(I will probably have a couple to give away for a Hack Bend contest like I’ve done the past few Ignites as well.)

The speakers were formally announced yesterday as well, and they are:

  • ShanRae Hawkins – What is Ignite?
  • Gail Menasco – The Reality of Skydiving
  • Kevin English – 18 White, 6 Blue
  • Garrett Gladden – Hearts of Darkness: a Completely True Tale of the Mayhem, Mischief and Mania of Childhood
  • Amy Clark – The Shortest Distance from Point A to Point B = 26.2 Miles
  • Paul Freed – 5 Reasons Why I love Geocaching
  • Brian McGinnis – Hipsters: The New Old Way of Doing Things
  • Margery Untermeyer – Am I a Mess? Turning Life’s Little Bumps Into Stepping Stones
  • Megan Minkiewicz – A Year: How I Raise a Puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind Over and Over Again
  • Brian Walker – Bipolar MANiac: Living from Pole to Pole
  • Marie Machado – Lions and Tigers and Babies??? Oh My! How I survived the First Year as a New Parent

Looking forward to the 17th!

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  1. I think they are sold out again and are taking a waiting list; although, they say to come the night of the event, since they can usually accommodate people at the event (even without a ticket). I got two – see you there:)

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