Sweet Home Alamode is closing

Sweet Home AlamodeWhat’s going on with this new year and the closings lately? Today I find out (from reader Jeff) that the westsides’s and (Bend’s) one-and-only pie shop, Sweet Home Alamode, is closing. From Tuesday’s Facebook post:

With heavy hearts we announce the closing of the Sweet Home Alamode pie and frozen custard shop on Newport Avenue. We enjoyed the many customers we met who enriched our lives… We are investigating other alternatives for distributing our pies without all the retail overhead but have no plans at this time. We will post any future plans here on Facebook.

If you have Sweet Home Alamode unused gift certificates, please send them along with your name and address to: SHA, P.O. Box 2403, Bend, OR 97709. We will reimburse the face amount of your gift certificates for you.

And it looks like their “sweethomealamode.com” domain name had expired back on December 14, so it appears this has been coming for about three weeks at least.

They originally opened back in July and lasted almost six months. I’m surprised they didn’t do better what with the popularity of the frozen yogurt shops here in town—one of the things they apparently offered besides just the pies was frozen custard—and hey, it was a dessert shop, you’d think that would do better.

5 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alamode is closing

  1. the fact that this is the first time I have even heard of them might say something…bend is a small town and word of mouth means a lot….never heard a word

  2. They had their “coming soon” sign up for many months before they opened, I don’t know if they were paying rent on the space for that whole time — if so, it certainly added to their debt burden.

    Mrs Elliott and I purchased a few pies from them for holiday events. They were spendy but we and our friends found them all to be strikingly delicious. If your basic supermarket pie is, say, a 1 star out of 5, SHA’s pies were sixes.

    But we had a sad feeling the shop wasn’t going to stick around for very long. Not much promotion, maybe too nichey, and expensive . . . but we got what we paid for: best pies I’ve ever eaten.

  3. Never knew it was open either and I am pretty good about knowing things in this town:( Too bad, because I like a good dessert!

  4. We went there for my son’s birthday dessert in September and it had that “temporary” feel back then. Everything we ate was fantastic. They had an excellent product but no “must go” atmosphere.

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