Red Napkin food truck is for sale

Red NapkinReader Jeff had contributed this bit of information about the Red Napkin food truck:

The German food truck Red Napkin is for sale. The husband and wife owners/operators are moving back to Germany according to a post on their Facebook page.

The red trailer has For Sale signs and is parked on SW Century Dr where the business operated; in front of Century Center next to Paradise Produce.

Saw some mentions on Twitter today about it as well (mainly from KTVZ’s Nina Mehlhaf). They had posted on Facebook (as Jeff points out) on the 31st of January, replying to another comment about selling:

Yes we sell the business, we go back to Germany. We had a great time, thanks to all our customer

I never had a chance to try them out unfortunately (I have to confess that my food truck experience is pretty low around here!) but I wish them well wherever they land.