Speed limit on 27th Street is now 35 MPH

When did this happen? The best I can say is, I was driving on 27th Street on Saturday and the signs saying “Speed Limit 35” (note they do say “Speed Limit” and not just “Speed” like most Oregon speed signs) all looked quite new. But I don’t drive 27th often enough to know for sure.

That street has been 45 MPH forever, so 35 just seems odd.

4 thoughts on “Speed limit on 27th Street is now 35 MPH

  1. I don’t know about south of 20; I’m taking about north of Highway 20, the stretch between 20 and Butler Market: past the shopping center, residential, medical, and Mt. View High.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if south of 20 is still 45 as it’s less developed.

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