The Red Napkin food truck re-opened today!

Red NapkinI blogged a little over a month ago about how the Red Napkin food truck was for sale and the owners moving back to Germany. Good news—those plans have changed, and the food truck re-opened today in fact!

The other day I received an email from Gretel and Otmar, the owners, saying that they would in fact be back starting the 21st on Century Drive. And today reader Jeff (the same Jeff who’d clued me in before) sent along a few more details:

Surprise! The Red Napkin food truck is back starting today. The German owners have not relocated back to their homeland as previously planned and announced last week on their Facebook page that they’d be re-opening the Bratwurst/Schnitzel cart on the 21st with initial hours of 11:00-3:00 weekdays.

On Facebook on Tuesday I see they posted the specials for the re-opening, all for $8.50

  • Hawaiian Schnitzel
  • Schnitzel with pineapple and swiss cheese and potatoes
  • Schnitzel with sautéed onions and cheese and potatoes

I definitely need to head over there soon to try them out!

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