Spork in their new location is having a soft opening today

SporkIt was back in February that I’d blogged about Spork taking over the old Fox’s Billiards location over at  937 NW Newport Avenue (next door to Cuppa Yo), and they’ve been working all spring to get the new restaurant ready. Well, today is the day!

According to their newsletter they sent out yesterday:

This Saturday the 15th of June we’ll open the doors to the new joint in town … and take this baby out for a test drive! Open to friends and fans and family

We’re going to do a practice day on Saturday … otherwise known as a SOFT OPENING … all proceeds from this day will be donated to NEIGHBOR IMPACT … there will be 2 meal periods … from noon to 3PM for lunch and 6-9PM for dinner … please join us for some tasty nibbles and to help us break in the new space! (and practice our systems)

This will be a first come first served situation so please understand if it’s busy … 🙂 Takeout is also available as always! We’re super happy with how the space turned out and the amazing crew that has coalesced to help with it all. Very excited! Please join us!

They’ll then be closed tomorrow (Sunday) but officially opened up again Monday at 11am.

This will be a great opportunity to check out their new space, but remember, it is a soft opening, and as they say, first-come, first-served. So be patient, have fun, and if you can’t get in today, there will be plenty more opportunities in the days and weeks to come.