Get Naked In Bend

Naked Winery started out in Hood River and that tasting room is where I had my first Foreplay experience. The winery recently opened a second tasting room in the Old Mill District so they can Tease us lucky people in Central Oregon. Their grand opening took place July 4th weekend and I’ve visited twice since then.

The experience I had in Hood River was so positive that I was a little apprehensive on my first trip to the Bend tasting room. Shelly made it very comfortable that first time. She introduced me gradually to each step in the Naked lineup. She was funny, engaging, and supportive. Could I be that comfortable getting Naked with someone new?

As it turns out, the employees in the Old Mill are just as fun as Shelly was. In fact, many of them have been trained by her so the quality service level continues. Peyton poured my tastings on my first visit in Bend. She’s bubbly, adorable, and knowledgeable.

Yes, knowledgeable. Which brings me to the actual wine, because innuendo only goes so far. If a winery can’t back up its schtick with real taste, there really is no point. Gimmicks might get a customer in the door, but a business needs more than that for long-lasting success. Naked Winery makes good on its promises.

You like Pinot Noir? Riesling? Malbec? Tempranillo? Barbera? Chardonnay? Naked’s got them all and I have yet to be disappointed. There is a wine for every occasion or mood. For girls’ night out (or in), not much beats the Cougar, which is their signature semi-sparkling wine. Anything from the Oh! (Orgasmic) line is perfectly suited for special celebrations. You want wine while picnicking or camping? Naked has you covered with their Outdoor line which comes in a convenient plastic bottle with screw-top. My favorite is the Sundress – light, with just the right amount of sweet, it’s perfect for sipping on a sunny summer day.

Naked Winery knows how to treat its members and offers several sizes to fit your tastes and lifestyle. Starting with the “B” Club, going up to the “DD” Club, you will always have free tastings (as well as a select number of your friends) and access to special events and wines.

The wine is incredible, the employees are fun and you might get lucky enough to run into the owner like I did on a recent Friday night. Go see them in the Old Mill, they’re open daily!–Events