Election results 2013

Deschutes CountyThe Deschutes County website has the election results posted for the local measures in today’s election. As of right now they are (I’m rounding for simplicity):

  • 9-96 Deschutes County Transient Room Tax: 62% Yes, 38% No
  • 9-94 City of Bend Temporary Lodging Tax: 62% Yes, 38% No
  • 9-95 Alfalfa Fire District Formation: 70% Yes, 30% No
  • 16-69 Crooked River Ranch Fire 5-Year Levy: 76% Yes, 24% No

The room/lodging tax vote results aren’t that surprising (I don’t remember seeing much if any opposition to them) but I’m glad to see the Alfalfa Fire District get the nod: having grown up in Alfalfa I can attest that having an established fire district is definitely needed out there.

One thought on “Election results 2013

  1. Why wasn’t there any opposition? There are already a ton of unpaid bonds on the property taxes as it is. I don’t see how more taxes is going to help.

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