Homebrewers: Today is the Big Brew Day

Homebrewed beer!If you’re a homebrewer, then you might want to checkout the Big Brew Day today, celebrating the American Homebrewers Association’s National Homebrew Day. It’s easy to participate: simply brew a batch of beer! But because it’s also a community event the Brew Shop here in Bend is hosting a homebrew day and inviting anyone who’s interested to join them for the brewing.

The Bulletin has an article on it:

“It’s really about getting out there and brewing together,” said Tom Giles, one of The Brew Shop’s co-owners. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve brewed before or not, it’s just a way to all enjoy (the brewing process) together.”

The Brew Shop will close off a couple of its parking spaces for some brewing equipment. There will be both an extract brew, a simpler form of brewing using malt extract, and an all-grain brew, a more advanced technique using malted grain for flavor precision.

Giles said he hopes people with varied skill levels — from no experience to commercial brewers — will show up and support the brewing culture that gives Central Oregon part of its unique identity.

The local COHO homebrew club will be on-hand as well, and if you’re new to brewing and/or wanted to join the club, today is the perfect time to talk to folks about it.

If you go, the Big Brew Day at the Brew Shop is running from 11am until 6pm and is of course free to attend.