An update on Old Mill Brew Wërks

A quick update to yesterday’s story about Old Mill Brew Wërks closing: stopped in at OMBW today for their last day for a couple of happy hour-priced apps and a beer, and picked the server’s brain a bit on what’s going on. According to what she said, it’s just the restaurant portion that is closing, for now, as it transitions to new owners and they reorganize.

Part of that will be remodeling the restaurant portion and (I guess) reworking the brewing side; what that means actually, I don’t know. She said they have a target re-opening date of March 23, in time for spring break.

Will it be under the Brew Wërks name, for the brewery, restaurant, or both? No clue, we’ll just have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “An update on Old Mill Brew Wërks

  1. Why do new owners feel the need to spend money to remodel? The decor is NOT the reason restaurants/bars go out of biz.

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