Help celebrate the Little Caesars Lady’s birthday!

Little Caesars LadySurely by now you all know who the Dancing Little Caesars Lady is, right? Right? (If you need a refresher, she’s the woman who works for Little Caesars who you see on the corner of 3rd Street and Reed Market, dancing and rocking with the Little Caesars promo signage.) If you’ve seen her, you know.

Well, it appears her birthday is coming up this weekend, and her daughter wants everyone to help celebrate:

This post is actually from Mary’s daughter Christina. I wanted to let everyone know that Mary, the pizza lady is turning 60 years old this weekend. I traveled from Florida specifically to make her birthday special, but I can’t do it alone, I need everyone’s help. This Saturday, July 18th, the pizza lady will be dancing out on her corner from about 10-10:30am for a couple hours till about 1-2pm. I will be decorating her corner, so you can’t miss it! I will be having a guest book for people to sign and a camera ready to take pictures of everyone with the pizza lady! There is nothing she loves more than making people smile and making them happy, so I know she would love to see everyone and anyone, especially kids and what better way to remember it than with a photo. So please come by to say hello and get a picture taken with the pizza lady!! She’d love to see you! Come help me celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday! Thank you in advance everyone!

That sounds great, so Bend—now you know! Stop by if you can and get your picture taken with Mary and wish her a happy birthday!

(True story: one time we were randomly driving through a neighborhood on the west side, and saw her, mowing her lawn. She had headphones on and was ignoring the world—but she was still dancing! It was awesome.)

41 thoughts on “Help celebrate the Little Caesars Lady’s birthday!

    1. Happy happy birthday after taking my mom to cemo passing by always put a smile on our faces.those smiles where much brighten everyday . You are a very special lady with a smile that goes for miles .

  1. I Love seeing her dance and smile. I usually honk and wave like a crazy woman…..because she makes my heart happy. Happy 60th birthday, and rock on pizza lady!

    1. Have a great birthday Mary… Wish I could stop by and give you a Birthday Hug….. You are an inspiration to us all

  2. Oh my goodness this is beautiful! Happy 60th Birthday Mary! Though we’ve moved away it was such a treat to see you and your beautiful soul dancing over there just about every day when we lived there. Thank you so, so much! Love the Prior Family

  3. Happy Happy Birthday,
    Mary! I even dressed as you one Halloween!!! Thanks for rocking it and keeping us smiling! Your joy is infectious! Keep the love flowing! Xoxoxox ❤️

  4. It has been almost so years since I lived I Bend and I loved seeing the pizza lady out there just dancing and rocking out. It always put a smile on my face. Now these days I go to Lapine once in a while to see my mom and go into Bend for something, and there she is a few years later, the pizza lady out there still smiling, dancing, being happy and putting smiles on peoples faces. You are incredible! I wish that some people could have just half of the spirit and energy that you have. Keep on rockin! Happy birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday, Mary!! You always make me smile when I see you dancing your heart out! Thank you for the joy you share with our town! Have a beautiful day!

  6. I am not going to be in town on Saturday so I cant drive by. Every time I see Mary dancing, I smile and wave. You rock it! Happy birthday Mary!

  7. Rock on, pizza lady!!! You have made me smile all the years you have been dancing! You keep on dancing and I’ll keep waving!

  8. Happy Birthday Mary! You rock! Seriously, You make me smile! I always feel “lighter” after honking and waving to you. You bring such joy to so many people! Thank You!!

  9. Bless your heart Mary for all the love and smiles and laughter you share. You are Bend’s brightest gem…thank God for you and the love you put in our hearts just by seeing you!!

  10. We moved away from Bend four years ago,but what a joy to drive by and see you when we lived there. Looked forward to driving by your corner to soak up the joy and energy you stimulated Happy Birthday Mary. Love to YOU!

  11. Happy Birthday Mary! Wave every time I see you! I love your energy, dancing and smile!!!!! Happy Birthday and many many more!

    1. When we lived in Bend we would go by that corner and always smile and wave. A great lady that will have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  12. Happy birthday Mary. You rock like no other. Makes me wonder what ur listening to. I hope you have a wonderful birthday

  13. Happy 60th to the pizza dancer! You’ve brought a smile to my face more times than I count. When you started this gig, likely you didn’t know you’d launched a virtual ministry of joy. Thank you for being you, and for making Bend a more welcoming place!

  14. Love, love, love your exhuberance! Yes, you always make me smile too. Won’t be in town for a drive-by but wishing you a fabulous birthday….enjoy your daughter’s visit!!! Xoxoxo

  15. I lived and worked in Bend for two years and every time I saw her it made my day better. What a great spirit and energy that she brings to so many people! Happiest of Birthdays to you!

  16. Happy Birthday Little Caesars Lady! My family comes to Bend at least once a year to visit family and we have seen Mary on her corner. Love her enthusiasm and smile. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

  17. Happy Birthday. Hope its an awesome one and lots of people say hi. You fill so many peoples days with so much joy.

  18. Happy 60th, Mary! I love honking and watching the smiles on people at your corner! Hugs

  19. Happy Birthday Dear Friend…I am no longer in Bend and I miss it terribly. To see you on facebook made my heart jump. I wish the most wonderful birthday and the most exciting year for you….I know you’ll make it happen…because that is just who you are. Thankyou for the memories!!!!!

  20. You always brought a smile to our face when we lived there. Have a wonderful birthday You deserve it!!!!!

  21. My 94 year old Mom insisted I park the car where she could watch for longer than the stoplight when we first saw you! We don’t come to Bend often, but she always asks if we will be driving by the Pizza Lady! Thanks for the smiles, and “Happy Minutes”!

  22. You Love make me smile every single time I see you. You have made really ugly days disappear. I wish more of us could be this way. I pray your day is full of blessings and for once many make you smile today. Happy Birthday and keep rock ing out with your happy waves!

  23. If I’m not feeling great, I know if I pass her I can’t help but smile and feel better! You accomplish amazing things from that corner!!

  24. Moved from Bend to Arizona. Miss seeing this happy lady on the corner of Reed Mkt Rd. She inspires people to just “dance” HAPPY 60TH DANCING LADY” You make us all look bad. 🙂

  25. Happy Birthday, Mary. You probably never realized how special you are to a whole community, a whole city, or even a whole region. I smile every time I see you, so thanks for always helping me have a brighter day…..Oh, by the way, here’s to many, many, many more happy birthdays as well as days where you touch our lives by just being you.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY! I’ve been waving to you for years and feel like I personally now you. Your infectious smile always makes me smile! Thank you for doing what you do! Love and happy day! Karen, in the white van who always waves back!

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