Gift Guide 2015: Handmade coffee mugs from Mug Revolution

Continuing recommendations for holiday gift shopping—we’re only one week from Christmas as of today! So what do you drink on Christmas morning—coffee, hot chocolate, some combo, something spiked? How about drinking it out of a handmade coffee mug from Mug Revolution?

Mug Revolution handmade coffee mugs

The coffee mugs at Mug Revolution are handmade in Bend, Oregon by Owen Dearing, a studio potter since 1990. Each of Owen’s coffee mugs is wheel-thrown, and when the clay is leather-hard, a hand-pulled handle is attached to the mug’s body. Once the coffee mugs are completely dry, they are fired in an electric kiln.

Because Mug Revolution’s mugs are fired to such a high temperature, each coffee mug is extremely durable and chip resistant. The sturdy handles are very comfortable for holding a hot cup of tea or coffee. Should you reheat your coffee or tea in the microwave, the handle on the mug will not get hot under normal circumstances. No need to wash the mugs by hand – they have no problems going through the dishwasher.

I can personally attest to the durability and quality of these mugs—I’ve been drinking my coffee out of my Ignite Bend mug pretty much every day for the past 4+ years.

You can order mugs directly online, both “mainstay” mugs and custom mugs; the site notes:

Classic Mugs are still available for delivery in the USA by Christmas. In-stock mugs ordered by 4 p.m. PST ship same day, otherwise will ship the next business day.

There’s still time to get mugs in time for Christmas! Last day to order mugs in time for Christmas delivery is Monday December 21, according to the Post Office. All Mug Revolution mugs ship via Priority Mail for USA addresses.

And if you want to order a custom mug, that takes time; if you get your order in for a custom mug by January 18, 2016, then the ship date will be February 8. So it’s a bit of a wait, but the custom mugs are pretty cool, and worth it!