February is Burger Month at McMenamins

So here’s a fun one, especially if you’re a burger fan! All month long for February, McMenamins is celebrating Burger Month and will have weekly hamburger specials.

Our big, juicy Country Natural burgers, served on locally baked buns, are all the talk this month.

February 1-5: Dark Star Burger-pickled jalapeños, pepper jack, Terminator onion rings & Dark Star sauce

February 6-12:
Guacamole Defense Burger-turkey burger with pepper jack & chipotle mayo

February 13-19:
Backyard Burger-bacon, Tillamook cheddar, grilled onions & Hammerhead BBQ sauce

February 20-28:
Krakatoa Burger-spiced beef patty, pineapple sambal, peanut sauce, pickled daikon & carrot slaw, Sriracha mayo, jalapeño, onion & cilantro

The weekly special will be $12.25, which comes with fries or tots (and you know you want to get tots!). And of course you should be getting a tasty beer to go along with your burger.